NMM is an association of industry and research actors who work together to develop knowledge and expertise, and a Norwegian industry aimed at sustainable and responsible exploration and extraction of marine mineral resources.

Quantifying the Unknown

Steinar Ellefmo and Fredrik Søreide from NTNU have written the book titled “Quantifying the Unknown”. The book is about Marine Minerals and the resource potential on the Norwegian Extended Continental Shelf.

The forum's goal

  • Strengthen cooperation between industry, trade and research environments, authorities and other organisations and persons with interests in marine minerals.
  • Become an industry organisation for all relevant actors in the field of marine minerals.
  • Contribute to developing common Norwegian strategies for sustainable exploration and extraction of marine mineral resources.
  • Be a national mouthpiece for the extraction of marine minerals.
  • Strengthen the Norwegian environment's international contact and influence in the field of marine minerals. This means, inter alia, contributing to the establishment of and participation in international networks of corresponding forums.

Membership Fee

  • Small organizations (<10 employees): 10 000 NOK
  • Medium sized organizations (<250 employees): 25 000 NOK
  • Large organizations (>250 employees): 50 000 NOK

Organization that would like to subscribe can contact Secretary General Egil Tjåland for questions, egil.tjaland@ntnu.no or register here.


Our Members